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We do everything with passion

We present you Ceira Wines and Vines, an idea from a long time ago, a dream that we are slowly living. We like the way we are doing it, in a very simple manner. We wish that all the passion for the vines and the wines, that we put in every single action, can also be lived and understood by our clients, For that, we present you our wines, that we believe are special.

From the source to the mouth of river Ceira, our parcels are strategically placed, providing differentiated wines.

We know that we depend on the team. We bet on people with experience, who guarantee the quality of grapes and wines.


We are in the sub-region of Cima-Corgo, in the Douro Wine Region, with the best terroirs for the production of quality wines.

We work our wines with traditional processes, accompanied by the best oenological techniques.

Ceira Wines and Vines

In the lost valley of the Ceira River, one of the many small tributaries of the Douro River, we grow our vines in several vineyards, with the total size of 20 hectares. From these vines, with lots of effort because of climate and geological adversities, we get all the grapes for our wines. With Saint Leonard in sight, and looking at the grapes produced in this valley, well-maintained wines emerge, with concentrated and fruity flavors. These wines from the region celebrated by Miguel Torga as "an excess of nature", are steeped in culture and traditions typical of the Douro. Our desire is for you to enjoy each of the great earthly pleasures and, the same way as Saint Leonard, you feel like surfing the waves of eternity.

The Wines

Our wines are taking their first steps. But they are careful steps, done in detail, and with moments savored in all their fullness. We create wines that we believe are unique, several brands, each with its own specific characteristics. When drinking the different wines, we want you to feel the journey from the Douro River mouth in Gouvinhas, to its source, in the higher lands of Sabrosa, visiting of course, Guiães and Paradela de Guiães.


Este vinho é um blend de Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca e Tinta Roriz. Com uma intensa cor carmi


O Altar do Diabo é um vinho sem complexos, para beber em diversas ocasiões (com amigos, sabe melho


Colheita de 2021, O Altar do Diabo é um vinho sem complexos, para beber em diversas ocasiões (com